As you search for the waterproof flooring options that will best suit your needs, you will also find many products classified as water-resistant flooring. Today, we’re going to tell you the difference between the two so that you can make the most educated choice between the two for your household, so follow along now for more information.

Water-resistant materials are not waterproof floors

While these two product lines may seem very similar, it's essential to know that water-resistant floors are not waterproof floors. And the differences between the two could make all the difference in your home, especially if you are a parent or pet owner.

For instance, water-resistant materials give you a certain amount of time to clean up dampness, humidity, messes, or spills. But, on the other hand, waterproof floors are entirely impervious to water or liquids of any kind for any length of time.

If your floors frequently experience messes that could create water damage, you may find waterproof flooring is a better option for your home. However, if you have fewer chances of this happening, water-resistant materials can work just as well, and you can find out more when you visit our showroom in person to check out your options.

Consider our waterproof floors for your home

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