Can flooring be waterproof?

Some natural flooring materials, like porcelain, are inherently waterproof. And some synthetic flooring materials, such as luxury vinyl, are designed to be waterproof. Child- and pet-friendly waterproof floors stand up to everything from small spills to faulty appliances. You can find waterproof flooring in many materials and styles at Brian's Flooring and Design Solutions in Elmira, New York. We also provide a mobile showroom that can come to your home.

Luxury vinyl

You can't go wrong by choosing luxury vinyl planks or tiles. This multi-layer flooring, which mimics natural materials, has a high-end look. It's stain and scratch-resistant, and best of all, it does not warp or peel even when wet for an extended period.


Laminate planks and tiles mimic hardwood, stone, and ceramic-like luxury vinyl. But standard laminate resists water, while waterproof laminate repels water for the amount of time that the manufacturer notes. Typically, the flooring tolerates water for up to one day.


Ceramic and porcelain are made of clay that is hardened in a high-temperature kiln. Porcelain is harder and denser than ceramic. Density determines the amount of moisture that can penetrate a material. Because of its makeup, porcelain is waterproof. Glazed ceramic is also waterproof.

Natural stone

Most natural stone is porous, and therefore, the installation team seals a stone floor after installing it. As soon as the sealant becomes worn, moisture can seep into the stone and cause damage. Therefore, the floor needs to be resealed periodically, perhaps every year.

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